Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Wedding Jewelry

Choosing wedding jewelry is both fun and important. Whether you are looking for something striking and glamorous or elegant and simple there is plenty to choose from. Your choice of bridal jewelry and bridal accessories will most likely depend on the type of outfit or dress you will be wearing. You may want something to wear just for the day or something you can wear again and again. Having something custom made is a good choice and makes it more personalized and handmade jewelry is always something a little special which is another added benefit.

At Egyptian Inspirations we have a few very special pieces that may tempt you in particular is this lovely hand stitched bridal cuff in ivory and cream. All embroidered onto vintage lace.
If a necklace is what you are looking for then this delicate Egyptian Style netted necklace has been handmade and will show off  pretty dress and neckline.

If you are planning a beach wedding then sea glass jewelry is a wonderful option. It is not only so very pretty but every piece is unique and also has romantic notions. It is also recycled thus helping the environment and is also often reasonably priced.  It is also a great idea for Bridesmaids gifts and Bridesmaids necklaces

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Summer sale and new website

Hope you are all enjoying the summer. I know I am.
We have been having a bit of a change around recently and also been very busy. Hence the lack of blog posting (Sorry) We have moved all our micro macrame jewelry to a brand new site where we have listed all the items in US dollars instead of UK sterling. We find this to be more suitable to the majority of our clients so we decided to go with the flow. We also still provide world wide shipping for a flat fee of just $4.99 So please feel come along and take a look. Our new site can be found here. Micro Macrame Jewelry

Also to celebrate we are now holding a grand summer sale on our Egyptian Jewelry website.  Feel free to use coupon code summer thiswill give you a 25% discount on all orders.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

New Website

We have finally got round to upgraded our Egyptian jewellery website. The new site is much more user friendly and so much quicker. All products now have individual pages and the new site also allows me to use discount promotional codes. We have been spending a lot of time recently on our sea glass jewelry site that the Egyptian one was becoming a little outdated and unloved.

So please feel free to have a browse around and let us know what you think of the new website. Also feel free to use the new discount code "new" to obtain a 15% discount on any order. Coupon expires 31st October 2014. This offer also includes all our sale items and micro macrame jewelry too.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Bast Bracelets

Bast was the Egyptian goddess of  protection and evil spirits. Daughter of Ra she was represented as a cat although originally portrayed as a lioness.

I spotted some awesome silver plated charms the other day and just couldn't resist  making these into Egyptian style Bast bracelets. Not only do they feature Bast or Bastet as she is sometimes known they also feature and Ankh too which is commonly known as the symbol of long life.

These bracelet are on waxed cords in either brown or turquoise. Hope you enjoy them.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Chenoa Ellinghaus

I would like to introduce you to Chenoa Ellinghaus. Chenoa is a fellow colleague on Etsy that shares the same passion as my self in ancient times gone by. I will let Chenoa tell you more.

Temples, sun, sand, and mummies are some of the first images that spring to mind when thinking about ancient Egypt. In the early 20th century the mysteries surrounding this vibrant culture inspired explorers and cheap horror fiction. For all of the emphasis on death, the Egyptians where focused on the beauty of life, particularly the continuance of it.

Life is what I bring to my art and my jewelry. The deities of ancient Egypt are often miss represented, Anubis as an example is seen as a sadistic lord of the dead. This is far from the truth, for he what is called a “cool spirit,” a god that is calm and relatively neutral except when he protects and preserves the soul for its journey to the afterlife. To the best of my ability, through extensive research I accurately imbue each deity portrait with the meaning, iconography, and expression as perceived by the ancient Egyptians.

This holiday season my new line of sterling silver necklaces will be available in my etsy shop ChenoaEllinghaus. The eight deities that are currently included in my collection are Anubis, Bastet, Set, Horus, Nekhbet, Wepwawet, Hathor, and Thoth.

Check out my shop at:

Here is some of Chenoas work. I am  sure you will agree it is amazing!!