Sunday, 2 June 2013

Micro macrame patterns and tutorials.

I have been asked on more than one occasion if I have any patterns for my micro macrame bracelets. If the truth be told my bracelets are normally made up from variations of lots of different patterns all together. So after giving it some thought I have just created my first ever pattern. I have illustrated it through out and it consists of 14 pages of instructions. It needs some knowledge of macrame and in particular larks heads knots and double half hitch knots. The tutorial does not give instructions on how to perform these knots but there is a lot of information freely available on the internet and you tube on how to do these knots.

So here it is. There are instructions on how to do the bracelet with or without a focal button. Have fun.

Micro macrame pattern

I have also edited this post to add a further three more patterns. The first bracelet is a little more difficult but the other two  are both quite easy to follow. The earrings are quick to make and the other bracelets require knowledge of just one knot . The double half hitch knot.

Micro macrame tutorial pattern