Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Egyptian Beadwork

Egyptian beadwork was well known for its intricate netting patterns and was used frequently in cuffs, collars and necklaces. The ancient Egyptians used to also make large handmade beaded nets that they wore over their clothes as well. These must have taken days upon days to create.

The ancient Egyptians were excellent beadweavers. Many of thier items can still be seen in museums today.

Recently you may have seen my Anck su Namun bracelets that I created. I wanted to go one step further with a more traditional Egyptian netting design and now know how the ancient Egyptians must have felt when creating their beadwork. You have to have eyes like a hawk, the patience of a saint and be prepared to spend a lot of time on what you are working on. I can honestly say it is very very fiddly.

I must say I am very pleased with these two cuffs I have created and hope you will agree that I think they are pretty spectacular. I was going to create around four or five of these but for now I have just done the two.

Egyptian beaded Cuff in Cobalt Blue and silver.

Egyptian Beaded Cuff in Silver and Bronze

Details about these bracelets can be found on my website here.


  1. Beautiful work - you must have so much patience! I'm sure it would send me doolaly :). The results are just lovely though x

  2. Just waiting for my potatoes to come to the boil (I lead a wild life!!!) and thought I'd spend a few minutes stumbling and came across you.....

    Jan x