Friday, 3 June 2011

Pandora Beads and their Ancient Egyptian history

Pandora beads or Pandora type beads have actually been around since ancient Egyptian times. Recently however they have been marketed very well by certain high street jewellers and they have turned them into a high street fashion accessory on the jewellery market.

A lot of people don't realise that they are not a new idea but a very old and ancient idea. Taking full advantage of the latest fashion trends and clever marketing some retailers now ask very high prices for thier designs too.

Ancient Egyptians first used these beads as good luck beads then taking things a step further introduced them for various other magical and ritual purposes. One of the main reasons for wearing these Pandora type beads was to establish an identity in the afterlife.

I use some of these beads in my own handmade jewellery in both sterling silver and silver plated.

Here are just a few selected items from my website that I have currently for sale.

Nefertiti Necklace in Sterling Silver

Egyptian Cobra and rose arrow head necklace.(Silver plate).

Pink Howlite Asp Bracelet. (Silver plate)

Grey Howlite Isis Bracelet (silver plate)

Here is a link to my page where you can view all of my Pandora style Egyptian jewellery.

Pandora Egyptian style Jewellery


  1. Beautiful sets of jewellery

  2. Lovely jewellery and beads and a fascinating slice of history too :-)

  3. Lovely jewellery, I think the cobra necklace is my favourite. Nice bit of history too, it's nice to know where the beads originate.

    Jan x