Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Anck Su Namun Jewellery Collection

Many of you that have been following my blog already know I created my first Anck Su Namun bracelet a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have gone on to make three more. Slightly different in design as these are all stretch bracelets and will fit any wrist and as these bracelets look best when worn fitted I thought the next step was to make them all a little more snug to the wrist.

I have made one in bronze. One in black and another in a combination of traditonal Egyptian turquoise, white and bronze colours. I have also gone on to put them all together in their own collection and called them the Ank Su Namun Jewellery Collection. Full details of these bracelets can be found on a special page on my website.

Anck Su Namun Jewellery Collection.

Anck Su Namun Bracelet in Bronze

Anck Su Namun Bracelet in Black

Anck Su Namun Bracelet in Turquoise, white and bronze.

Anck Su Namun Bracelet in silver.

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