Monday, 9 May 2011

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing dates back many years, in fact crystal healing was employed by the ancient Egyptians over three thousand years ago and they placed a high value on their crystals and gemstones for medicinal purposes. Today crystal healing is termed alternative medicine.

I use many crystals and gemstones in my jewellery today just as the ancient Egyptians did too. However many people don't realise that some of the crystals and gemstones may also play an addition health role too.

Lapis Lazuli

This has got to be one of the most beautiful and well known gemstones that were used in ancient Egypt. So popular in fact that the ancient Egyptian actually imported this gemstone.

Lapis lazuli is used in crystal healing today for spirtual development and helps strengthen the mind and body. It is also used to support the nervous system and aid pain relief

Lapis Bracelets.


Howlite is the gemstone for artists. It aids concentration and tact, observations and patience. It also helps with stress by relieving anger and helps to calm and comfort. Howlite can also be used to aid sleep.

Howlite bracelets


Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone and is probably my favourite as it is my own birthstone.

Amethyst is commonly associcated with peace and is another gemstone often used for calming and protecting the mind. It is also said and used to help prevent nightmares. It is also used to help with toothache and relieving pain in the bones. Amethyst is used in crystal healing in many many ways including helping with headaches, cravings, blood sugar problems and blood in general.

Amethyst Bracelets.


Hematite is used in crystal healing in many ways but is mainly used to support the correct funtion of the large and smaller organs of the body. Other benefits of crystal healing with hematite include developing the psychic mind, increase intuition and realtionships.

Hematite Necklace

This is just a very very small selection of crystals and gemstones that are used in crystal healing and are the same gemstones I use like the ancient Egyptians did many many years ago in thier own jewellery. I will shortly be running a feature on jasper and jasper jewellery so be sure to return soon.

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  1. Lapis lazuli is my favourite and gunmetal coloured hematite nice weight smooth and tactile.

    Good blog. x