Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Jewellery in a Museum and shop

In just a little over a week a selection of my jewellery is now in a shop and a Museum. I can't believe this could have happened in so little time.

I firstly took the opportunity to "rent a square" in Rosewill's Cottage shop up in Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear where Dawn offers local crafters the oportunity to rent a small area in her bead and homemade goods shop. It's a great little shop full of amazing finds and in a lovely little seaside town.

Here is her shop and the details of the rent a square opportunity.

Rent a square

Secondly another selection of my jewellery is winging its way to Newcastle-Under-Lyme Museum and art gallery where is will be part of an exhibition over the school holidays and maybe even longer.
Here is the link to the Museum

Newcastle-Under-Lyme Museum and Art Gallery.

Here are just a few items that you will be able to see in the Museum Exhibition.

Egyptian Orange scarab Bracelet

Egyptian Vintage Treasures Bracelet

Egyptian Smokey Quartz Pyramid Bracelet

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hemp Jewelry

Hemp jewelry is made from the hemp plant also known as the cannabis plant. It is one hundred percent organic making it eco friendly and a natural resource.

Hemp's first recorded use was in ancient Egypt where it was used to make rope and cord. Seshat was the ancient Egyptian god of rope, wisdom and knowledge. She was often portrayed as measuring with a length of rope which was hemp. Seshat was also seen wearing a hemp leaf as a headdress.

Hemp jewelry and in particular bracelets were popular with hippies and music festivals, worn as friendship bracelets made of braids and macrame knotting techniques.

I have always liked hemp and hemp jewelry and using natural and organic products it also relates to the pagan side on ancient Egyptology.

Hemp jewelry and hemp bracelets can have many names such as macrame bracelets, friendship bracelets, beach bracelets or natural organic bracelets even eco friendly bracelets. What ever you decide to call them I think the possibilities for using hemp in jewelry designs is just endless and can't wait to create more and more pieces.

Here are just four bracelets using traditional Egyptian colours and macrame knotting techniques. Using naturally resourced materials makes hemp jewelry affordable to everyone too.
Keep checking my website as I intend to expand on this range with some hemp earrings and hemp necklaces too and even more hemp bracelets.

Full details can be found on my website here.
Hemp Jewelry

Turquoise and white hemp bracelet

White and Gold hemp bracelet

Gold crystal spiral hemp bracelet.

Turquoise completly natural hemp bracelet.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Egyptian Chess Sets

Egyptian chess sets are awe inspiring and every home should feature one. They are indeed a focal point suiting any decor both old and new, but non more so than a handmade Egyptian Chess set made by Jim Arnold.

During my first few weeks after opening a shop on Etsy I created my first treasury called Egyptian Delights which featured a beautiful Egyptian Chess set handmade by Jim Arnold.

A few months later I bumped into Jim again when he joined me as one of the leaders in It's A Madcap Life on Etsy team.
I decided that his work was just to good to be missed. I will let Jim tell you the rest.

"I made my first chess set with tools found in my father's garage. My first set looked like the one he taught me how to play on, and I had no intention of making another...that was over 1,000 sets and over 32,000 pieces ago. I was on the 'art show' circuit for years, and there was this person who sent my design to his buddies overseas and I found myself competing against my own design at the same show. I had no idea what this would lead to at the time, but I was kind of upset, so I started to make a different 'themed' set every week and told him to copy them too! He ended up leaving the circuit and I found my niche.

One of my earlier designs was "The Egyptian Chess Set". As with all of my best sets, there is a great deal of research that goes into selecting figures for the individual chess pieces. There are dozens of factories around the world making themed sets, but so many times the sets don't make any sense at all...all the pieces are the same height, you can't tell what the significance of each piece is let alone the position its supposed to occupy on the chessboard. When I decided to make an Egyptian themed chess set, I wanted to make sure it was done with purpose and meaning.

Egyptian culture is so rich with history and iconic figures, there is enough to make 20 different sets, and it was difficult to select just a few subjects to cover within the framework of a chess set. Naturally, the King and Queen were the easiest. I chose King Tutankhamun and Ramses II only because of their worldwide fame and that each are instantly recognized. It also made it easy to select figures for their respective pawns, the Ank and the Papyrus Leaf. Both the Ank and Papyrus leaf are main characters is their respective Kartouche (sp). For the queen I chose Nefertiti, common to both sides. When it came to the bishops I used an Obelisk, inspired by Cleopatra's needle and then embellished the obelisk with "The Eye of Horus" a suggestion made to me at the time by an Egyptian Archaeologist who I met on the 'art show' circuit. My archaeologist friend guided me through almost all of the figure selection process. I wanted to make sure the tone of the set was meaningful, educational, and reverent, not trite and just thrown together devoid of any thought like all the rest. Anubus and a pyramid with each King's symbol carved on it round out the knights and rooks for the set. The original chessboard had the word CHESS painted in hieroglyphics across the middle of the board and I also painted my initials in hieroglyphics on top of the board. The results are that "The Egyptian Chess Set" has been one of my most popular designs.

If you've ever thought about owning an Egyptian inspired set, let's get together and bring it to life, I've already started on bringing in a new cast of characters for another version!"

Please take some time to visit his shop on Etsy you won't be dissapointed.

Custom Chess Sets by Jim Arnold

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Egyptian Beaded Earrings

Following on really from my last post about Egyptian beadwork I decided to incorporate the same design of the Egyptian beaded bracelets into some earrings. Two of the pairs of earrings actually match the recent bracelets I did. I must say I am really pleased with the outcome of these and hope to make some more when some new supplies arive but until then please enjoy my latest Egyptian beaded earrings. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Full details can be found here on my website.
Egyptian Beaded Earrings and all my other Egyptian earrings.

Egyptian Beaded Earrings in silver and bronze. These match the recent beaded bracelet cuff.

Egyptian beaded Earrings in cobalt metalic blue and silver. These match the recent cobalt blue bracelet cuff I created.

Egtptian Beaded Earrings in turquoise and silver.