Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Jewellery in a Museum and shop

In just a little over a week a selection of my jewellery is now in a shop and a Museum. I can't believe this could have happened in so little time.

I firstly took the opportunity to "rent a square" in Rosewill's Cottage shop up in Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear where Dawn offers local crafters the oportunity to rent a small area in her bead and homemade goods shop. It's a great little shop full of amazing finds and in a lovely little seaside town.

Here is her shop and the details of the rent a square opportunity.

Rent a square

Secondly another selection of my jewellery is winging its way to Newcastle-Under-Lyme Museum and art gallery where is will be part of an exhibition over the school holidays and maybe even longer.
Here is the link to the Museum

Newcastle-Under-Lyme Museum and Art Gallery.

Here are just a few items that you will be able to see in the Museum Exhibition.

Egyptian Orange scarab Bracelet

Egyptian Vintage Treasures Bracelet

Egyptian Smokey Quartz Pyramid Bracelet


  1. Well done and congratulations, it's great when all these opportunities come along, the Rosewill rent a square is such a good idea.

    Jan x

  2. Congratulations, it is alway good to know how well your creations are appreciated. Wish you continued success

  3. Oh wow that so exciting :-D well done!!

  4. I hope these opportunities turn out well for you! Keep us updated! :)

  5. Wow, thats really exciting! I love to hear other crafters finding success, its good inspiration for us all. I love your jewellery... I have a huge love of all things Egyptian!