Monday, 11 June 2012

Sea Glass Jewelry

Sea glass is pieces of broken glass that over time the sea has naturally tumbled with its movement to create a smooth and frosted appearance. Each piece is completely unique and is becoming rarer and rarer as it is fast becoming a new hobby for a lot of people.

 Collecting and finding sea glass is my new summer hobby when I can get time to get to a beach. I am about an hour away from the North Wales coast so when I get the time I am off beach-combing to find romantic pieces of sea glass to make my new creations. Who knows where these pieces have come from and who knows just how many years these lovely pieces have been drifting along in the Wales of the sea or how many shores they have landed on and been washed back out to sea again. The wonder and possible history of sea glass is what makes it so romantic. To my amazement I also did a little research and found that sea glass was also present in ancient Egyptian times too.

 My first pieces of sea glass jewellery were created from pieces I purchased from the North West coast of England. They were beautiful aquamarine pieces which I used to create a couple of necklaces, earrings and a bracelet. One necklace was sold only the other week to the USA.

 Last Sunday I made a trip to the beach in North Wales and was delighted to find my very first piece of sea glass. It was a beauty too. Perfect and pure white just lying there. Unfortunately is was the only piece I found that day too. Seems like its going to take me quite some time to make up a collection at this rate but I do love the hunt and its a great excuse t get to the beach and great way to combine work with pleasure.

 Here is my very first piece of sea glass that I found which I have already wire wrapped and made into a necklace.


Sea glass jewellery is also perfect for beach weddings and bridal jewellery. Making it just about the most perfect accessory any bride could wear to compliment the occasion.