Friday, 17 May 2013

Beads beads and more beads.

Beads beads and more beads.

Last week I received a huge stash of really lovely beads from  Best Beads and I have been working hard ever since. I am delighted with everything about these beads, the quality of them is just first class and to any of my fellow crafters out there I would certainly recommend them. Their shipping is really fast and the choice of different beads is also very very good.

Now then to show you what beads I chose and what I made with them.

Firstly I just had to have to have these beads as they were so reminiscent of ancient Egypt especially reminding me of my favourite building Ramses II temple and the colors it portrays. I combined these lovely marble coated beads with silver bugle beads and a sterling silver Egyptian charm.

Egyptian Necklace with sterling silver pendant.

Matching earrings.

Picasso earrings. Egyptian style marble earrings

Secondly I chose some really pretty colored peacock oil spot beads and complimented them with matching crystals and seed beads and featured a silver plated Isis charm.

Egyptian necklace with crystals and Isis charm. Egyptian jewelry.


Matching earrings

Peacock earrings. Egyptian style peacock colored earrings.

Thirdly I chose some of these really pretty cone beads in clear and half coated copper beads which are so sparkly.

The first one using the copper and clear beads and complimenting them with golden crystal beads and a golden Nefertiti charm.

Egyptian beaded necklace with golden Nefertiti charm. Egyptian jewelry.

Matching earrings

Egyptian style earrings. Copper and gold earrings.

The second featuring the clear cones and combing them with silver filigree and clear crackle beads and a silver plated Isis charm.

Egyptian beaded necklace with silver Isis charm. Egyptian jewelry.

Matching earrings.

Egyptian style earrings with crystals.

Last but not least when I first saw these lovely fire polished blue beads I just had to combine them with some pure white frosted sea glass to create this lovely sea glass bracelet.

Sea glass bracelet. Beaded beach glass jewelry.

I also ordered some lovely aquamarine and silver lined seed beads which I am currently using to create a micro macrame bracelet. So stay tuned and I will show you that as soon as I have finished it.

I would however love to know which is your favourite because in all truth I just can not decide. I love them all!