Thursday, 26 July 2012

Egyptian Faience charms

Egyptian faience amulets and charms.

Egyptians are well known for their faience beads and Egyptian faience jewellery. Despite it’s appearance it is actually non clay based it is made from sand and crushed quartz and is usually coated in a soda-lime-silica gel. It is still locally produced and imported from Egypt today as it was in ancient Egyptian times.

Probably the most common and popular faience amulet around was probably the scarab and the Ankh  The scarab being used in funerary rites and burial chambers to bring good luck.  The ankh was a symbol of life and today portrays an Christian cross.
In keeping with ancient Egyptian tradition I have created three new Egyptian faience necklaces using authentic Egyptian faience beads and amulets. A scarab, ankh and the goddess Sekhmet.

Sekhmet was the goddess of healing and is depicted as a lioness. The fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. It has been said that her breath actually created the desert.  She was also known as the protector of the pharoahs.

Today these three amulets are still worn and appreciated in modern culture either as a symbol of good luck or long life and protection. Charms have come and gone over the years but non have stayed with us for so long as some of these ancient Egyptian charms that are still made in Egypt today.

The Ankh and the Sekhmet necklace are both hung on a leather thong while the Scarab amulet is hung on a silver plated curb chain and has crystal lined seed beads added around the perimeter
If modern day jewellery and charms are still a favourite of yours there are still lots of choices to be found in both womens jewellery and men’s jewellery alike.

For any other kind of purchase you may be considering to buy this year then check out Shopseekers for the cheapest  prices online including lots of books about making jewellery for yourself  if you have a mind to. Remember handmade jewellery comes in lots of shapes and forms and most pieces are unique especially Egyptian faience beads as no two are ever exactly the same.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Sharm el Sheikh

It's that time of year again. I have been thinking endlessly about beaches. What with beach combing for  sea glass (sea my previous blog post) and happily strolling along the sandy shores of North Wales I wanted to post and tell you about somewhere a little more exotic and definitely a little more warmer and place I have longed to visit for many years.

Sharm El Sheikh lies on the crystal waters of the Red Sea on the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula. The beautiful white sand and the desert setting is just a magnificent getaway. Sharm El Sheikh is also a fabulous and rather special diving location with fabulous corals and deep sea flora and rare tropical fish.

I would like to share a couple of photos I found of Sharm El Sheikh. The first one is a fantastic shot taken at sunrise. I certainly wish I could see this sunrise each morning it would make my day. The last one shows the wonderful tantalising sandy beach. Don't you wish you could visit too?

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh