Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hemp Jewelry

Hemp jewelry is made from the hemp plant also known as the cannabis plant. It is one hundred percent organic making it eco friendly and a natural resource.

Hemp's first recorded use was in ancient Egypt where it was used to make rope and cord. Seshat was the ancient Egyptian god of rope, wisdom and knowledge. She was often portrayed as measuring with a length of rope which was hemp. Seshat was also seen wearing a hemp leaf as a headdress.

Hemp jewelry and in particular bracelets were popular with hippies and music festivals, worn as friendship bracelets made of braids and macrame knotting techniques.

I have always liked hemp and hemp jewelry and using natural and organic products it also relates to the pagan side on ancient Egyptology.

Hemp jewelry and hemp bracelets can have many names such as macrame bracelets, friendship bracelets, beach bracelets or natural organic bracelets even eco friendly bracelets. What ever you decide to call them I think the possibilities for using hemp in jewelry designs is just endless and can't wait to create more and more pieces.

Here are just four bracelets using traditional Egyptian colours and macrame knotting techniques. Using naturally resourced materials makes hemp jewelry affordable to everyone too.
Keep checking my website as I intend to expand on this range with some hemp earrings and hemp necklaces too and even more hemp bracelets.

Full details can be found on my website here.
Hemp Jewelry

Turquoise and white hemp bracelet

White and Gold hemp bracelet

Gold crystal spiral hemp bracelet.

Turquoise completly natural hemp bracelet.


  1. Beautiful makes.

  2. Your Hemp bracelets are lovely< i especially like the blue one!