Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sea Glass

I have been crafting now for some time and have my website and Etsy shop where I sell Egyptian jewellery, Micro macrame jewellery and sea glass jewellery.

My latest hobby of beach combing and searching for sea glass has become a bit if an obsession. So much so that I have far too many pieces of sea glass for my own use. So the solution was to set up a little shop on Folksy. The shop is still very young but if you need and sea glass for jewellery making, mosaics, sun catchers or any other craft project you have in mind please check out my little shop.


  1. Sounds a brilliant idea. I live near the sea myself, but have never heard of sea glass; it's so pretty. I shall keep my eyes peeled now!

  2. OOh...can you have too many beads, I didn't think it was possible whatever they are made of!
    Sea glass seems so natural and would be a great addition to any piece of jewellery.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. What a bright idea! I discuss it to my friends. Thanks for sharing this to us!