Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Chenoa Ellinghaus

I would like to introduce you to Chenoa Ellinghaus. Chenoa is a fellow colleague on Etsy that shares the same passion as my self in ancient times gone by. I will let Chenoa tell you more.

Temples, sun, sand, and mummies are some of the first images that spring to mind when thinking about ancient Egypt. In the early 20th century the mysteries surrounding this vibrant culture inspired explorers and cheap horror fiction. For all of the emphasis on death, the Egyptians where focused on the beauty of life, particularly the continuance of it.

Life is what I bring to my art and my jewelry. The deities of ancient Egypt are often miss represented, Anubis as an example is seen as a sadistic lord of the dead. This is far from the truth, for he what is called a “cool spirit,” a god that is calm and relatively neutral except when he protects and preserves the soul for its journey to the afterlife. To the best of my ability, through extensive research I accurately imbue each deity portrait with the meaning, iconography, and expression as perceived by the ancient Egyptians.

This holiday season my new line of sterling silver necklaces will be available in my etsy shop ChenoaEllinghaus. The eight deities that are currently included in my collection are Anubis, Bastet, Set, Horus, Nekhbet, Wepwawet, Hathor, and Thoth.

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Here is some of Chenoas work. I am  sure you will agree it is amazing!!

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