Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Wedding Jewelry

Choosing wedding jewelry is both fun and important. Whether you are looking for something striking and glamorous or elegant and simple there is plenty to choose from. Your choice of bridal jewelry and bridal accessories will most likely depend on the type of outfit or dress you will be wearing. You may want something to wear just for the day or something you can wear again and again. Having something custom made is a good choice and makes it more personalized and handmade jewelry is always something a little special which is another added benefit.

At Egyptian Inspirations we have a few very special pieces that may tempt you in particular is this lovely hand stitched bridal cuff in ivory and cream. All embroidered onto vintage lace.
If a necklace is what you are looking for then this delicate Egyptian Style netted necklace has been handmade and will show off  pretty dress and neckline.

If you are planning a beach wedding then sea glass jewelry is a wonderful option. It is not only so very pretty but every piece is unique and also has romantic notions. It is also recycled thus helping the environment and is also often reasonably priced.  It is also a great idea for Bridesmaids gifts and Bridesmaids necklaces

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