Sunday, 27 March 2011

The face behind the blog

Well I know some of you have been waiting to read about and meet my cat. Yes my cat as she has a much prettier face than me. Some of you that follow my facebook page will have already seen her but for those of you that haven't all will be revealed very soon.

Meet my cat MogsyMoo. She is around 14 years old now and loves to sleep, mainly on my bed and in my space. I would love to take on some more cats and kittens but can't as she is quite frankly a little bully. She won't let any other cats in her garden and refuses to run away from dogs. O'h and her favourite trick is biting noses. Yes she has had many a bite out of my nose, my husbands nose, and both of my two sons nose's and guests as well. She isn't fussy whose nose she has. She is also quite partial to the odd chunk of chin aswell especailly if it has a slight bristle growth on it.

She also loves lying on her back showing everyone just how big her tummy is or more to the point trying to attract attention to someone to put some food in it.

Well here is is in full colour.

I would love to here about your cats as well in the comments section because I am thinking of creating a crafters cat page which will include photos of your cats so those of you that are intersted in adding your cats picture to this blog please leave your comments below too.



    I don't usually leave my link on comments but just couldn't help it. click it and you will see what I mean lol

  2. Heh! Cats are an inspiration indeed...we wonder if the Goddess Bast had such a personality as the average cat!

    I have a dilute calico Norwegian Forest Cat, so pretty that when friends with allergies come over they sit through twenty minutes of playing with her until the sneezing gets too bad, just so they can stroke the immense fluffiness (seriously, she's the second-largest cat breed in the world and very longhaired)!

    I love showing pictures of her off :P I'd be interested!
    Jane xx

  3. My cat Cleo is always partial to a bit of publicity...

  4. I have 9 cats, including Arachne, my studio cat who supervises while I bead.

  5. What a nice idea!
    I have three cats which I'd love you to put on your blog :D

  6. That's a great idea! I'd love to add my two cats to your blog. They are both black and came from the same litter... Sheena (named after the Ramones song) and Baci (which is the Italian word for "kisses.")

  7. I have two cats; Babe fell in my window well 16 years ago as a tiny unweened kitten. Well, I couldn't leave this wild kitten in the window well. His mother walked off and left him so I had to adopt him. He is my buddy. He looks feral with a humped back but he is so sweet. He looks like a long-haired Siamese cat with sky blue eyes but he is not.

    Abby was my daughter's calico kitty; I have adopted her to keep my other cat company.

  8. Beautiful cat! Mine is a Bombay cat, a little over a year old, rescued from a shelter. He has a fascination with forks and spoons, and has his own Facebook fan page.