Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mothers Day

Well Mothers day will soon be upon us again. I am not sure what I will get from my two sons, both in thier twentys now. One still at home and the other only a couple of miles away who lives with his girlfriend.

I know it's another year without my Mum as I lost her over 18 years ago now. She never did get to see any of my jewellery designs but if she were here to day I would have liked to have given her one of these as these are my favourites at the moment.

Egyptian Vintage Treasures Bracelet

Egyptian Jewel of the Nile Matching Bracelet and Necklace set.

Both of these items are on my website If you are interested in treating your Mum to one of my favourites

I hope if you are a Mum you have a fab Mothers Day this year and if you are still lucky enough to have your Mum I hope she does too.


  1. Beautiful designs, any mum would be proud to receive one of these.
    Deb x