Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gemstone Pendants

I love gemstones for their natural values and their history and just the sheer look of them, but most of all I prefer them in their more natural state or should I say less cultivated state. I feel as though I am much more close to nature with them in this way and not only that for crystal healing purposes they are believed to be far more potent this way than in a more cultivated form.

I have used many different gemstones already in my jewellery but this time I wanted to appeal to those that preferred a more minimal style of jewellery than that of a beaded design. So........ I decided to make some gemstone cluster pendants for those like me that preferred the natural gemstone and hung them on silver plated snake chains for those that wanted a necklace or a white leather bracelet for those that preferred a bracelet.

I have made these in Turquoise, lapis, howlite, quartz and jasper. They are also great gifts for Birthdays and for crystal healing gifts too.

All of the gemstone cluster pendants can be found on my website here.

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