Friday, 29 April 2011

Egyptian Gemstone Earrings

The ancient Egyptians loved their semi precious gemstones and used them a lot in thier jewellery. I must admit I love them too and use lapis, amethyst, howlite, jasper and quartz when making a lot of my own pieces. I have been working on some Egyptian gemstone earrings over the past few days and love the way they look when combined with these lovely silver coloured Czech tube beads. I hope you love them too. All of these earrings have now been photographed and put on my website in the earring section below. Here are a few pictures of the Amethyst, lapis and jasper ones. A few more can be seen on my website.

Egyptian Inspirations Earrings.

Amethyst Egyptian Earrings

Lapis Egyptian Earrings

Jasper Egyptian Earrings.

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  1. Very nice collection!!
    These are really so gorgeous and It's shape also so wonderful.