Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Egyptian Necklaces

I have been working on these two Egyptian Necklaces this week. Both are completley different in style. Egyptian necklaces come in lots of different designs almost as many as I have in my own head.

Firstly is this wonderful deep blue lapis and Czech seed bead necklace which is of the same design as the recent lapis bracelet I recently featured on an earlier post. This is apoximately 16 inches long and sits quite high on the neck almost as a choker would.

My second Egyptian necklace is more of a Egyptian vintage style. Its created with antique brass chain and golden crystals and gold plated seed beads. This also is appoximately 16 inches long and sits quite high on the neck.

I would really appreciate your comments on these two necklaces as to which design you prefer.

I am working on some more Egyptian necklaces at the moment so I will be posting about those too in the next few days.

All my necklaces can be seen on the following page of my website.

Egyptian Necklaces

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  1. I like the blue lapis lazuli gemstone necklace, nice blue colour. x